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The remedies were basically my last hope to help me and my siblings from our life changing heartbreak and traumas we were all in. from the first use we all felt and energy shift and since then the vibrations have been so different. At the beginning you do feel everything negative coming to the surface but we felt we were built for this. the energy is indescribable. My life has changed within weeks and  I'm ordering from you every other week. my brother who was very depressed and suicidal is now out and about and meeting new people. This is something that isn’t even a norm for my family after the tragic loss we had. looking forward to trying Lakshimi. Immortality remedy is really a life changer. I wish my vibration right now could be put into words but sometimes a feeling is just that. They've totally changed all our lives! Thank you. 

I have been taking Immortality for 14 days now!! They are nothing less than mind blowing and exceed any of my expectations!!! I feel like new born, full of life and new energy!! All depression, anxiety and panic attacks gone! New zest for life!! Need much less sleep. Feel more flexible and fit!! As a matter of fact I feel like 25 and I am 59!! My motivation and creativity is back!! My skin gets smoother by the day, deep wrinkles are softer and the skin feels tighter, too. From day one I got compliments on my fresh look… Little ailments are healing. My heart is wide open!! Am ready for a new life!! This is absolutely groundbreaking and just the beginning of something very big! Not in my wildest dreams, I would have thought something like this is possible!! My deepest gratitude to Adam for this miracle he created!! You and your creations are such a big gift to this world!! Am excited for every person who is going to take it!

I have been taking Immortality for 3 weeks now. For 25 years I have been acting editor for various natural health and well-being magazines and had the opportunity to review hundreds of health products. Never have I experienced a product with such profound results in such a short time. In my personal experience I have had the most incredible energy, literally boundless energy, I’ve had noticeably improved joint mobility and flexibility. My skin feels more plump and softer. Strangely, I have experienced unusual dreams from periods in my past revealing memories of difficult times and yet in my dreams feeling those times differently – allowing me to re-frame them. Some of the dreams are so deep they stay with me the entire day. Another peculiarity is that water tastes incredibly delicious and I am compelled to drink more. This is such a strange and intriguing journey – I feel like I am learning so much about the de-ageing process in noticing my body moving differently, with more vigor. I am awed by the deep reaching and formidable effects. On one or two occasions I felt too energized to sleep but once in bed, I seemed to fall asleep without too much trouble. I truly feel this remedy is the most ground breaking remedy and I am so curious to see the long term effects. Robyn Wilkinson, editor Holistic magazine.

I was suffering with my back for many months. I changed my mattress three times, thinking that would help, yet nothing was helping. I would wake up every single night from 4 am onward in pain and discomfort, unable to get back to sleep. I also had a habit of grinding my teeth whilst I slept. Within only three days of starting the immortality I was shocked and delighted to wake and feel less pain in my back and had stopped the teeth grinding. Within one week I was not waking at all during the night and slept amazingly. It has changed my life. I was exhausted before, interrupted sleep and the pain was becoming unbearable. Thank you, immortality, you have transformed my life. I also started to dream again and now remember . I'm only one week into my remedy journey, and so excited to see what else lies ahead with the amazing immortality. 

I had previously taken Adam's Liberation and loved it! it changed my life!! So, I was beyond excited when I found out immortality was now available!  As soon as I started the bottle, within only one day I could feel the changes. My menstrual cycle had stopped, for some reason. I was one month late with my cycle and within days of immortality my cycle started up again. I slept deeper, felt so much more positive, energy went through the roof and my skin is softer too. Iv'e just started and eager to embrace what's ahead. Thank you Adam!  

The creator of this latest in the stable of profound vibrational medicines is no one hit wonder. Just try his remedies then see what you think about alchemical homeopathy. Adam is a true mystic, guided and blessed, and you will know once you’ve taken them that you could try to take them recreationally, but they will very deftly put exactly what you need to have mirrored right in your face, and you will end up using them for what they are for which is the work of personal transformation required by anybody wanting to find holistic balance in these times of intensity. This immortal jelly fish has a pure, simple and potent energetic signature, felt easily in the body, accompanied by greater capacity physically, mentally and emotionally, greater organisational skill and it gives a pleasure in achieving the task easily. I and others report getting up energized and finishing all the dreary chores easily and quickly before starting a day full of energy. I have a longer term pain condition so I am not expecting miracle instant results but I am am noticing a greater general mobility and easing of old tensions. I highly recommend this remedy. I would caution that you prepare a support person or therapist or friend that you can go to to share with and help process and support through some of the things that might come up. I’m experienced and can normally handle but I still have really needed and valued my group of friends with some issues that this brought up for me. It’s not all happy daze, you know? This may not be a light weight remedy for you. It might bring up your stuff. But that’s okay. That’s good. Breathe, clear, purge. Feel how great you feel after you start to get used to what it feels like without the disturbance of that heaviness in your system! Don’t underestimate it. Use it wisely. Enjoy it. It’s quite remarkable what Adam has been able to do with his proprietary advanced potentising techniques. Guided by his affable passion and compassion. This stuff is legit.

Immortality is a powerful game changer! Immediately after starting the drops I felt so open and available to people, instead of being a recluse and working constantly. There was a want and need to be more open with my emotions. Usually I am behind my laptop constantly creating and working, always too busy to do for myself meaning sitting and having coffee with a friend without a time limit. I started to take time to do what I wanted, meaning engaging with attending other peoples courses instead of holding my own. Always space holding and rarely allowing other to hold space for me. I also felt a huge unplugging from time. My ‘thinking’ started to change. I really started to embody the belief that time is infinite, cause it is! So if time is infinite there is no failure right? We always equate our successes by how long they took or by what age we made it…..whatever that means. So you unplug from time and then there is an instant flow of possibilities and then you are more willing and open to align with that flow, no fear of failure, no fear of time. Quite a powerful concept. This shift alone will change EVERYTHING for you! Physically I no longer tire. I am a spiritual entrepreneur so am always creating, always working with energy which sometimes it’s exhausting but now I’m alive at 5.30am and ready for the world! And no longer fall into bed at 8pm! I am only in the early stages of Immortality, all this that I share with you has happened in a space of a month. This is just the beginning!!!
Immortality will transmute those calcified parts of self that need a bigger push, so yes there is a purge that one needs to move through. It’s Divine balance. No different to any kind of detox, flush the toxins and then reap the benefits. What you must always remember when working with the drops is that if you do experience physical/emotional disturbances, this is something that is leaving you, not something that is happening to you. I have recently moved through some density, the release of old modes of thinking and programming. Now I feel amazing, better than i’ve ever felt in years, and FYI most of the time I feel good! So take these drops and enjoy the gift of Immortality! Love it !

Marie C.

When I first heard about these remedies I was extremely skeptical and was secretly questioning their legitimacy. I have, like most people had many childhood issues that have influenced my decision making and actions as an adult! I’ve been to therapy after therapy to address them and although therapy helped, it wasn’t until I started the beyond medicines that I saw a drastic, speedy healing process. The remedies I tried are immortality level 1, Vajra, kali, Lakshmi, creation and Garuda. I started with the immortality range and when I say the effect was immediate I am not exaggerating! From the very first evening when I was sleeping my subconscious was accessing memories I had not even thought about for years from childhood and bringing them to the surface to clear. Of course this did not lead to a comfortable few days where I felt extremely low, but I knew this had to be the remedies working.

For me it was clearing past arguments and grievances. One day, a lady messaged me that I didn’t even know had my number, asking if I was the lady she had experienced a ‘’run in’’ with (putting it mildly) 4 years prior and she apologized for her actions towards me. This was a pivotal moment for me as I really started to trust what the remedies were doing and I started to feel its vibrational and healing more.

The following week a relative of my husband’s flew to Dubai who I had not seen for 5 years due to a rift, and as far as I was concerned would never see her again! Clearly the remedies had other plans!! I found myself agreeing to meet with her and we made amends. For me this was unbelievable as I had held onto too much anger and upset, I was shocked that it would even be possible we would ever make amends.

One week later and my mother was due to fly out, which is always a massive trigger for me, but I knew with these remedies in me it was ‘’game on’’ I have cleared so more blocks and traumas in the space of 6 weeks than I ever did in years of therapy. I have massive anxiety issues and I’m a recovering alcoholic. Since Vajra, my mind set ability to do tasks has completely changed. I feel more capable and stronger mentally. My experience on Garuda and Kali was not as strong as Vajra, but they were still deep down facilitating my ability to get tasks done and not feel so overwhelmed, all the time. Before the remedies I was in a feeling of overwhelm.

Lakshmi felt like Mary Poppins had given me a spoonful of her magical medicine! I felt lighter, happier and embraced my inner child and laughed more. In addition to that I started to attract money. (This is what happens on the Lakshmi) It’s the abundance remedy. I suddenly won a course of football lessons for my son, a small amount on my premium bonds and was gifted money from a relative! I think the vast research and knowledge that has gone into producing these remedies is mind blowing. I still cannot get my head around it!!! I’m still in shock these genius remedies can still transform our lives!

Thank you, Adam.

Love N

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