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Welcome to your new journey ahead, a journey of evolution.  We are not only here to provide you with powerful and revolutionary vibrational remedies. We are here to support you along the way. Please fell free to reach out, ask questions, chat and learn more about the amazing remedies that are now being presented to the world. 

We are all in time of mass change! A change within and a change within humanity. Whichever remedy/ies you decide to embrace, journey and heal from, this collective group of souls are here to help guide you along the way. When we make a choice, and that choice be ''change'' our new future self becomes revealed. We instantly feel liberated and our whole being and life totally transforms. No one wants to stay stuck, in pain, confused, afraid and unhappy. To be able to help shift inner trauma, fears, anxieties, diseases, childhood pain, abandonment, rejection, heartbreak and so much more, is a gift literally, like no other. 

Please be open, honor and embrace the magic that's within the herbal remedies. Each and every person has their own unique stories. Once you begin the process, your body and cells will know exactly what's needed to be released, once and for all. It may take one day to notice the impact, or it may take one week. have no expectations, just embrace and allow the remedies to do their work. 

Below are some possible side effects, Again, this will differ from person to person. they are slight and necessary to help the body recover. 


Slight headaches

One day feeling enthused with energy and the next feeling exhausted. This is temporary and may last a day or two.

Dreams. When the dreams occurs it simply means the dreams are popping up for any unresolved traumas to be permanently healed.  When your dreaming it your healing it!

Spontaneous visions bursting in randomly. Again, this is totally normal. 

Emotions bubbling up to the surface. you may feel bouts of brief sadness. Sit with it, feel it and let it Go. It's just resurfacing and finally exiting from your body and cells. 

Calmer. A sense of peace sweeps over and you suddenly feel like lighter. The fears you've been storing for so many years just disappear. 

Ego death. The ego will slowly slide away and what used to trigger, bother and affect you, is now a thing of the past. The ego you once knew, will no longer exist.

Sleep. Immortality for example will leave you feeling like you've had 12 hours sleep. 

An overwhelming feeling of happiness. When we clear out any unwanted baggage, we become lighter, more positive, healthier and happier. 

People reappearing suddenly back into your life from your past. When this happens it simply means the story subconsciously was not complete and now the ending is needed. 

Freedom. You will fee freer from burdens, old internal junk will shift. reacting less to previous triggers. 

Drama. Detaching from old toxic dramas. They will no longer serve your vibration, so hence, not wanting to associate with anyone drams around you. New like minded people will soon enter, new doors of opportunities will quickly manifest, 

Synchronicity will quickly show up. Your ''finally'' awake and start to listen to the universe communicating with you. 

Boundaries. We all on some level allow our boundaries to be invaded. Liberation, especially will help assist you in setting boundaries. 

Please feel free to join the support pages on our social media. 

Liberation - Used for releasing any old stories, inner traumas, heals deep rooted painful memories. Wanting to relase old patterning. 

Immortality - Reverses the ageing process as it activates stem cells returning not only your skin to an earlier version of itself, but your entire body. It miraculously works through your entire being clearing unconscious cellular memory and trauma from where ever it is stored in your body, freeing your from the dis-ease states this creates. 

Immortal Eyes- Immortal Eyes regenerates the cells of the eyes and returns them to a younger version of themselves so that we may have more youthful vision. It has been seen to improve both long and short distance vision when used over time as well as positively benefiting various eye conditions. Documented reports of participants taking Immortal Eyes found they had no more need for their reading glasses.  

Creation - can be used to support those days that are just so tough for what ever reason, to meeting new people, tests and exams, to public speaking to tedious meetings and all of these improve as your presence and ability to be in the moment amplifies and therefore every experience becomes more powerful, as more of you is available.  Public speaking, one of the greatest fears for many becomes simple as your tongue almost seems to do all the work for you.

Tranquility -It's designed to help us adapt to stress, to support a calm disposition, open our hearts and allow us to sink into a gentle and healing state and we embody the frequency of Love.  As we come home into our bodies we are able to be more deeply present, to rest and relax as the nervous system unwinds and drops into parasympathetic, the state required for true healing.

Immortality Vajjra

Immortality Vajra is a part of Immortal Vajra Trinity with both Creation and Tranquility remedies, which gives you the chance to continue your potent journey of Immortality with the continued strength, power and magic of the message of the Immortal Jellyfish. 

Make sure you DON'T start with Immortality Vajra as it maybe way too strong for phase 1, start with Immortality /Immortal Trinity, until you have been on approx 5 bottles or you don't feel the impact as stronger.


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