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“Our mission is to liberate the planet. A desire for liberation to spread to the four corners of the world so that everyone may have a chance to live the fullest version of themselves by removing a lot of the emotional debris and pain of the past.”



My name is Adamas, I studied English and classics at Rhodes university in South Africa and then homeopathy and nephropathy  in Australia which I finished in 2000. I have been practicing as a homeopathic doctor ever since and have been working with various plant medicines and developing a unique range of alchemical homeopathic formulations to cater to a more enlightened and discerning audience.

I have a blog on Facebook called homeopathic secrets. I have a profound commitment to the skills required to bring about swift, beautiful and radical healing and I use all the tools at my disposal including plant medicine, higher Buddhist practices and my own unique methodology and evolution of homeopathic principles which I have found to seriously accelerate the healing process. This has all been born from 15 years of clinical experience in the field and a relentless commitment to finding the most elegant swift and powerful means to bring about lasting change.

The Liberation, remedy represents this and is the culmination and fruition of all my work and experimentation to create a substance simultaneously deep acting, powerful yet gentle.

My latest creation, Immortality, reverses the aging process quickly as we get a strong cellular message to return to our youthful self. It's a vibrational essence which is made from the immortal jellyfish which has the ability to completely regenerate it's structure if it gets old or is injured badly. this capability and message to the cells of youthful regeneration has been captured in a form our body can understand. 

Dr Adam Suzman - Creator

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